Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Movie nights

I hope you had great time last night, and that side effects are not too cruel today. My night was exceptionaly calm and quiet and today I feel like a new born- I woke up about Midday :)

New Year Eve is already behind, but what about the other evenings? What is your favourite evening activity? What do you do when the kids are in bed?
I love to sink in my sofa with a good book and a glass of wine, or two ;)

But today I want to talk about the movies in 2012.
I'm not going to name all the movies I watched this year (I am a cine-maniac :)) I want to mention the ones which were the biggest dissapointments and the have to watch great pieces of cinematography.

So here we go:
I start with the ones I would like to erase from my memory.
I am a massive fan of Bourne serie (not mention Matt Damon fan-but *shush* Phillip might hear me), unfortunatelly Bourne Legacy is in my opinion the biggest dissapointment of the year. The idea in itself is not the worst, but comparing to the previous films-the actions are too long and very obvious. If I have to mention anything possitive about this movie- the visuals. The rest was below my expectations...
Bourne Legacy IMDB
On the not-worth-to-watch-list are also:

Looper- stupid
Cosmopolis- too talky
This is 40- not funny for a comedy
Shame- nudity is fine, but don't forget the story
Dark Shadows- couldn't even finish watching, and it doesn't happen too often
The Dictator- see: This is 40
The Dark Knight Rises- I wish he wouldn't 
Red Lights- TLDW
Cloud Atlas- promising failed to deliver

Phew, so we are done with the dark side of the movies. Now is the time for the pleasant part.
These are the movies I reccomend:

An interesting storyline, great pictures, not bad Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the best place to shoot- NYC. 

Ben Affleck- well done.

and some comedies to make you laugh:

Pitch Perfect- light story, which made me feel for a moment like a teenager- haha almost forgot how it was...

Brave- a little long but funny.

Men in black 3- not bad at all, you see what you get, and what you get is not bad ;)

21 Jump Street  IMDB

The Watch IMDB

obvious but funny. typical light comedy with classic comedy actors-cannot go wrong :)

naughty and funny

And my very favourite:

Moonrise Kingdom IMDB
Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Bill Murray and of course the director Wes Anderson (if you haven't seen his: The Royal Tenenbaums or The Fantastic Mr. Fox- then don't waste you time and watch it tonight).

What about your favourite 2012 movies?
What would you recommend?

Have a lovely day!