Thursday, August 29, 2013

50 rules of vacation

I know, I know Summer is almost over, but hey schools are still closed...
If you are a lucky one and still have some holidays in front of you here is very cool and useful list of rules of vacation. And if you just finished your holiday just like me, we can still follow at least some of those rules...
here is the link:
50 rules of vacation

Holidays diary in few shots.

This year we spent 2 weeks in Portugal. We've just came back and I already miss the Ocean, the Sun and colourful drinks...
We loved kayaking, snorkeling and hiking. Food, weather and people... dream.
I have to say this year we had packed just right. Not too many clothes and that's why we brought home some local traditional specialties.
Here are some pictures:
Warning: a lot of face shots ;)

one of first selfies... next post: active holidays outfits...

in the middle of the Ocean
gangsta lovers
our second anniversary

just chilling
coming back from holidays-tired but happy
getting to our very private secret beach

me and my bodyguard
my motivation to do something more...


sacrum and profanum
getting ready for snorkeling 
Phill with Rex
50 ways of serving cod
my view

night date

me and my Portuguese friends 

something sweet

letting Reksio go

mango and black vodka
kayaking is a hard work

Monday, August 12, 2013


Did I mention that I am a total movie freak? I love watching movies.
Comfy coach, a glass of red, Phil and a good movie-this is my perfect casual evening.
It can even rain (what happens very often) it couldn't bother me less.

This movie is one of those I cannot wait to watch.
I think this is also one of those when Phil will fall asleep before its end... ;)

doesn't this trailer look too good to forget about this movie?
have a look!

more info:

what do you think? have you seen anything interesting lately?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Instagram food mix

I decided to eat healthier...
These are dome of my last kitchen adventures. Do you know any tasty healthy dishes? Come on share with me.