Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DIY wreath

Last week I decided to make my own wreath. I like the ones I see in shops, but in my opinion they are lacking a personal touch. I found some nice ideas online (you can find them here:

I decided to go with typical Winter-Christmas colours- white and red. It is very simple and classy, I might add a big red ribbon on top, closer to Christmas time.
I haven't decided yet, where to hang it but I'm sure I'll find a perfect place for it.
Making a wreath is fun, but be careful with a hot glue gun...

Sometimes people think wreaths are suitable only for Christmas, but I cannot imagine any occasion when they wouldn't suit. It all depends on our imagination. There are so many materials, colours and themes we can use. The one I've made could easily be used as a decoration for a wedding party, christening or birthday party.

This is what you'll need:
wreath form
coffee filters (about 150-200)
hot glue gun
glue sticks (about 20)

And this is the end effect, still without a bow.

What do you think?