Saturday, January 18, 2014

Biochemia Urody- make your own cosmetics

I love DIY, so why not try and make my own cosmetics?
Don't get me wrong I didn't go to the chemists and didn't buy products with very specific weird names and mix them together. I ordered online few products which came in form of separately packed ingredients. Some of you may say why bother? but some products already mixed on a shop shelf can be much weaker than prepared just a minute before you use them.
I decided o buy: a bamboo powder with silk and oat.

an enzyme scrub ECO 

Serum for eye area and redness area

The preparation takes literary few minutes. The good thing is that all the ingredients are already in the right quantity, so you don't have to worry that you mess up the proportion.
Online you can find all info, all ingredient list, their functions and instructions.
You can find many very good natural products on this website:
I am sure in your country you also can find something similar, before you buy anything though it's worth to do a proper research.

It's been now about 4 weeks I am using those cosmetics and I have to say they are great. The posder comes in pretty convenient container, it looks first very white but applied properly it gives a nice delicate coat. Enzyme scrub is the only way for my delicate skin to exfoliate. I keep this scrub for few minutes on, in meantime I spray Avene Eau Thermale because I have the feeling that I won't have any skin left if the scrub will dry off...
And finally the serum leave my eyes area very smooth and mosturised. It's very delicate even for my extremely sensitive eyes.