Friday, January 24, 2014

Clinique, Perfectly Real Makeup Teint Realite Parfaite

I had recently the chance to try Clinique Perfecly Real Makeup Teint. I like Clinique products, but not with all of them I was perfectly satisfied in the past. 
I am a big fan of BB Creams because they are lighter for my skin, protect it from UV and mosturise it. In winter I decided though that there are days I need something more substantial. 
My shade is 14 which is moderatly fair, natural finish. This shade is a perfect tone match for me. It gives a little bit of shimmer.
My skin can be very dehidrated after whole day but with this product my skin was in perfect condition. It gave me pretty natural look, skintone was even. It lasts all day without heavy feeling. I used it by itself and in a combination with powder, both works great. I've read that some people dn't like it smell after few months but I haven't noticed just yet any smell and I am very sensitive about it. In case it will change I will update you guys.  
The biggest minus is it doen't have any sun protection. If you have bigger problems with your skin it will not give you enough coverage.
Have you tried this one? What do you think?