Monday, May 27, 2013

I believe I can fly

It's not a secret that I love good documentaries. The one I introduce you today is very special. The pictures are just amazing. A bunch of really brave and crazy French guys is doing really amazing things in the air.
I have anxiety of hight so watching this film my hands were a little bit wet...
If you enjoy looking at lovely landscapes you will be pleased. Let me know what do you think.
Have a look:

more info:
I Believe I Can Fly (Flight of the Frenchies) is an amazing journey into the unknown. Two friends test the boundaries of free flight and friendship as they take their passion in a totally new direction. Join Tancrède and Julien on an incredible exploration into the world of free flight. The two friends are pioneers in ‘highlining’ - a vertiginous combination of climbing, slackline and tightrope walking. Using their skills and experience as climbers, the pair push their boundaries beyond the realms of possibility as they embark on a new evolution of their sport.
We travel from the Verdon gorge to the skyscrapers of Paris, and finally to the spectacular cliffs and fjords of Norway - where the pair plan to put weeks spent training to the ultimate test. Could months of planning and training really lead them to their dream of complete freedom... the freedom of flight?
The talented friends featured in my film have been instrumental in the innovation and development of highlining and baselining, and this exciting project was born from their passion and love for what they do.

It was filmed amongst a group of friends, with no funding or sponsorship for the training, filming & production involved.