Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Micromanaging the time

Do you think sometimes that you waste your life doing everyday small jobs? Try to multitask, if it sounds to scary for you, just check this simple tips, which can save you some time and help you enjoy yourself longer. 
Look what I found and feel free to use any of these:

“The best for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes” said Agatha Christie
A DISHWASHER PLAYLIST -  Create your own play-list that will get you in the mood to do life’s less fabulous tasks. HINT: For some reason I’m so much better doing house work when I’m listening to music through headphones, not speakers. It gets me in the ‘zone’ and blocks out any distractions.
MAKE ‘THAT’ CALL OR SKYPE – There’s ALWAYS a call you’re putting off. It could be to a family member (sorry Grandma) or Time Warner but now is the time to just do it. If it’s SKYPE sit your laptop somewhere close or if you’re on a cell switch it to hands-free mode. Alternatively, if you find yourself on hold (yes, I’m talking to you Verizon)  it’s the perfect time to get it done. For some reason doing two annoying things at once seems a whole lot more worthwhile…
MAKE IT AN ART - Take what you absolutely loathe and attempt to make it the most beautiful thing ever. It sounds like a long shot but it’s all about perspective.  Can you line your pots, pans, plates and cups with absolute precision and shine them to perfection?  As soon as you’re done take a snapshot and tweet us your work of art. Be proud.  As I say make your weakness’ your greatest asset. It’s worth a shot.
WATCH A TED TALK – I’m a kinda Ted-obsessed. Yes, I’m the girl at a dinner who manages to drop into almost every conversation ‘did you see that TED talk? I love how you can learn something  in a short concise format about a topic that you wouldn’t have necessarily found yourself.  I have so many favorite ‘game-changer’ talks but will write about that later.
LISTEN UP AND READ – Can’t find the time to read? Well there’s no excuse if you’ve got a dirty house! Buy an audio book and each time you find yourself doing the dishes put it on. It’s a great distraction and definitely shifts the focus.
MEDITATE – Spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle promotes practicing ‘mindfulness meditation’ in the present moment of everything you do including the dishes. Tune out any stress or ‘mind chatter’ and focus entirely on feeling the water and soap through your hands. It’s really amazing how peaceful just a menial task can become if you follow this simple meditation task.
OR follow Ms. Christie and start brainstorming that book! Let us know how it turns out.

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