Sunday, March 10, 2013


... and the weekend is over. far too short...
I went with Phill to a theatre to see Misanthrope. The play was hilarious, fantastic time.
Since I remember I love theatre.  I was dreaming as a little girl of working in a theatre. I am not sure why in such a young age I was so fascinated with this magic place. Maybe it was the smell of dust, heavy fabrics, everything was covered with mystery. Anyhow, I haven't become an actress I don't even work near any theatre but still my dream keeps alive. 
After play we had a delicious Chinese meal and we called it a day, tired after the adventurous week.
and Today? Today we have a Mother's day!!!
We visited my Mother in law today, we had a lovely dinner together.
Unfortunately I haven't seen my Mum today, but I send her a HUGE KISS!
She is the most amazing woman and I miss her incredibly, but in few weeks...
Love you MUM!

my mum sunbathing at my wedding :)