Friday, November 8, 2013

a place just for me

Every little girl's dream about her very own lovely, polished space, where she can put all her toys. With a big mirror, some perfumes and lipsticks ("borrowed" from her mum)...
Well it wasn't my dream as a little girl, but even for me this moment arrived. This weekend I will be very busy putting together my new dressing table and arranging all beautyful things in my vanity space. 
The choice of dressing tables nowadays is amazingly big. You can have glossy, modern, simple dressing tables or shabby and rich french ones. The choice is yours!
The only difference between this space and the rest of your house is that this is just YOUR space, and everything depends just on you. 
I shouldn't waste my time any longer and start my design. yay
What are your plans for the weekend?