Tuesday, November 5, 2013

my skin care and make up products-basics for Autumn.

Last few days were especially cruel. The wind and rain or even hail didn't have much in common with lovely colourfull Autumn. In the days like today I appreciate even more products which help me protecting my very sensitive skin. My lotions and creams are thicker and its the best time to use more oily products.
Here are some of my favourite ones:
I have plenty of lip balm. You can find one (or more) in each of my bag and coat. 
 When the weather is colder and it's raining almost every day my sensitive skin needs extra protection. 
I like my red cheeks but not my nose necessarily...Lately I bought some new anti redness products, but I will tell you more about them soon.
I like Nivea for colder days, the only product from Nivea which I like to use during Summer is Nivea Soft.
Shea butter is the must have whole year long but now it's even more necessary than ever. 

The Autumn colours also appeared in my cosmetic bag. 
Burgundy, lilac, brown and grey - they go well with all hair and skin colours.
 more lipstick less lip gloss- am I getting old? ;)
 I love "no make up" make up...
... but my nails is a totally different story :)
my eyes are super sensitive and there are not many products I can use. If you know any good products for sensitive eyes, let me know!

I stop using normal fine-grained face scrub, I go with enzyme scrub not to irritate my skin too much. 

What are your Autumn must haves?