Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas gift ideas

It's this time of the year again when we trying to make happy people who we love with some special gifts.
Sometimes it's not so easy especially now when shops are full of screaming at us products and crazy people (in bigger amounts than usual)
Here are some gifts ideas. I also added links where you can find those products. I am a massive fan of online shopping. I don't stand crazy shopping  crowds...
Maybe it will give you some inspiration...
What is on your Christmas gift shopping list?
for him:

Each of us wants her man to smell amazing. What's better moment than Christmas?
It's important especially when we hug into their shoulders, and not rarely fall asleep in them.

A good quality leather bag is always usefull especially when for a weekend trip you take this extra pair of shoes ;)
This one looks so classy but casual.

Phill is a huge connoisseur of grooming tools and he doesn't accept modern razors, but for most of you it would be a great gift idea.

for house:
Sometimes it's just safer to buy something for the house, but avoid too useful items...and try to find something with unusual, interesting touch.

for a child:
I don't really have much of experience in buying gifts for children, but if I do I try to think what would I like as a little girl/boy. Somehow it comes to me so easily...

for her:
well that one was easy :)
I put here some classic items, with which you hardly can go wrong.

for him and her:
What about a gift for a couple? My idea:
open tickets, spa vouchers and even dinner vouchers in a nice restaurant- that must work :)

spa vouchers