Monday, December 23, 2013

it's almost Christmas

Christmas is my favourite time of year. This year is very special because I am spending Christmas with my family! yay!
I love to help my mum who is an absolutely genius in the kitchen. I cannot wait for traditional Polish 12 dishes on Christmas Eve. Before we all sit to the table we decorate the house with some nice Christmas ornaments. I also got the Christmas spirit and chose many holidays clothes :) they're fun and mostly very comfy! just like these ons:
while I am resting 
Phil is writing Christmas cards for our family, friends and neighbours                    
I don't forget about my nails. my favourite winter colours are red, plum and for Christmas Eve sparkle of course.
Christmas all around
 I hope you have an amazing time with people you love. I am enjoying every minute with my family. It's so good to come back home, even just for a moment.
P.S. have I mentioned I bought enormous amount of fantastic Polish beauty products? Reviews soon!